About Us

Welcome to Driscoll’s Potting Shed, the home of the former Grasso Greenhouses. Our greenhouses have an amazing history of being a three-generation family-owned Greenhouse and Floral Shop.

The first Greenhouse was built and opened in 1927 by Pietro Grasso and Filomena as the East Connellsville Greenhouses. They sold young vegetable plants and beautiful flowers. Pietro’s son Anthony eventually took over the greenhouses and later his son, Anthony Mark Grasso would rein over these magnificent greenhouses and floral designs.

On Nov 5, 2019, Cecilia Driscoll purchased this property and Driscoll’s Potting Shed was born. We are a local family owned business, started by two generations of Driscoll women who plan on continuing the tradition of quality plants, beautiful floral arrangements, and many other unique treasures for years to come.

Feel free to stop in and browse. We love showing folks around this very special greenhouse and floral shop. The fun is in stopping back often as we are making such wonderful strides each day to bring this beautiful greenhouse back to the life and restore the grandeur that it had in the past!!