Freeze Drying fits every lifestyle

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The Best Way to Preserve Food

A home freeze dryer from Harvest Right allows you to preserve the food your family loves to eat. Freeze drying locks in both flavor and nutrition and can last for years, making freeze-dried food even better than fresh! A home freeze dryer is perfect for any lifestyle.

Best Preservation Method

More stable than dehydrated, bottled, or canned foods freeze dried food has an extremely long shelf life – as much as 25 years – and preserves freshness, nutrition, color and taste.

Traditional dehydration and canning methods require high temperatures that degrade flavor, texture and nutritional content.

Eat Healthy, Feel Better

There is a world of difference between food that has been freeze dried at home and food that has been commercially canned or packaged. Nearly everything we purchase at the grocery store is full of preservatives and food additives. Now you can preserve fresh fruits, vegetables, and complete meals at home with your own freeze dryer, completely free of preservatives. It’s easy—no mess, no fuss!


A freeze dryer allows you to keep your home-grown fruits and vegetables fresh for years and years. Freeze drying at home is the very best way to preserve your garden harvest. It truly is the gardener’s best friend.


  • Better Than Canning: Freeze drying causes very little damage to the nutritional value of fresh food. This preservation method preserves nearly all of the nutrients found in the food prior to being freeze dried. Whereas, canning and other preservation methods can destroy much of the nutrition found in fresh food.
  • Better Than Dehydrating: Heat can affect taste, color and texture causing your garden produce to look and taste very different. Freeze-dried food, in contrast, looks and tastes just like the food did when fresh.
  • Save Food and Money: Freeze drying the food you grow in your garden is the best way to preserve your harvest and helps you save money on your grocery costs.

Emergency Preparedness

Freeze-dried food is perfect for emergency food supplies, bug out bags, 72-hour kits, and other survival packs. With a home freeze dryer, you will be prepared for any kind of emergency.


  • Natural Disasters: Most people will be affected by some type of serious disaster in their lifetime. Home freeze drying puts you in control of your family’s survival, no matter the circumstances.
  • Man-Made Disasters: Man-made disasters such as war, explosions, chemical spills, and terrorism, cause human suffering, loss of life, and food shortages. Freeze drying gives you peace of mind in case any of these worst-case scenarios occur.
  • Financial Distress: A home freeze dryer allows you to easily preserve large amounts of food and create a high quality emergency food supply, so you can take care of yourself and loved ones in case of job loss or financial downturns.
  • Save Money: Buying freeze-dried food from a store is expensive. The food is often full of salt and other preservatives and the limited choice means you buy meals you may not even like eating. Freeze drying your own meals and produce is a great way to save money when building your emergency food supply.

Even More Reasons to Freeze Dry your own Food at Home


Harvest Right lets you freeze dry your own food at home to be used on your next hike, backpacking adventure, hunting trip, or camp out. It is lightweight, has less salt, and tastes better than anything else that will fit in your backpack.


  • Hunting & Fishing: Avid hunters and fishermen can end up with too much meat or fish all at once. Now you can freeze dry any extra, whether cooked or raw. When you rehydrate the food, you won’t know the difference between fresh and freeze dried.
  • Camping: There is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy your favorite meals at your next campsite. You can freeze dry lightweight, easy-to-prepare meals that will taste fantastic. In fact, you can eat as well in the wild as you do at home.
  • On The Road: RV and trailer food should be delicious, lightweight, easy-to-prepare, and not require refrigeration. Freeze drying at home allows you to easily create weeks’ worth of food for the next time you decide to hit the road.

Healthy Living

Buying freeze-dried food from a store is expensive. The food is full of salt and other preservatives and the limited choice means you buy meals you may not even enjoy eating. Freeze drying your own meals and produce is a great way to save when building your emergency food supply.


  • Healthier: Unlike canning and other ways of preserving food, freeze drying causes very little damage to the nutritional value of your food. Freeze-dried foods retain around 97% of the nutrients.
  • Special Diets: A home freeze dryer can help you make sure you always have access to fresh, tasty food that works with your dietary considerations. Freeze-dried food is perfect for those who eat gluten-free, raw food, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or suffer from food allergies.
  • Prevent Food Waste: The average American family wastes a lot of food. A recent study by the USDA found that the average American wastes about one pound of food per day, which can cost the average family up to $2,400 per year. Preserve the healthy food you buy or grow with a home freeze dryer and save money by eliminating waste.

Pet Food

Everyone, even your pet, benefits from having a freeze dryer. You can easily feed your pets the healthy, preservative-free, home-prepared food they deserve and crave.


  • Healthier: Feeding your pets freeze-dried food is a great way to keep them healthy. Many feel a raw diet of freeze-dried food is best for pets.
  • Less Expensive: Freeze-dried pet food and snacks can be very expensive. Freeze drying at home lets you provide freeze-dried food for your pet at a fraction of the cost.
  • Happy Pets: Some pets have very finicky tastes. Freeze drying at home lets you discover what freeze-dried food your pet loves most and, since you control the ingredients, you can fully trust the food you’re feeding to your pet.